15 January, 2013


The CiviCRM profiles features are a great easy way to quickly generate custom membership lists that can be viewed, sorted and displayed on your public website, but one of their biggest annoyances is they can only display organisational or individual memberships, not a mixture of the two.
I discovered a quick and easy way of getting around this through the wonder of Drupal views (Sorry Wordpress and Joomla! folks).
Set up your view as normal and required with whatever fields, arguments, relationships and filters you may need, then create a 'Global: Combine fields filter' field, expose it and choose the fields you would like to be able to search, probably First Name, Last Name and Organisation Name.
Save the view and voila! You have a membership list that can be searched across all membership types and names and as it's views you can continue customising it to your hearts content.
02 January, 2013

These features were quite a roller-coaster to implement as an extension.  In the end, I made some small core customizations, which are not good enough to commit, but might be inspiring to fellow travelers.  The extension code itself is alarmingly hacky, and to spoil a long story, doesn't work in production ;)

The goal was to allow a Civi admin to go to the Advanced Search page, enter criteria and then view results as a list of contacts, with all that individual's contributions appearing in an indented list below the contact.  Selected data would then be exported in a maximal form, with all available info about the contact, and a list of their contributions laid out as columns on that person's spreadsheet row, along with various, calculated LYBUNT flags.


Custom Advanced Search Results

First, it turns out that advanced search results (called "modes" in the source code) come in a...

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23 November, 2012

For the past few months we have been working with Future First, who have an ambitious mission of 'creating an alumni network for every state school in the UK'. A key part of this work is the ability to track and engage with recent school leavers and we've spent a fair amount of time building tools that allow them to do this. One of these is an extension that allows them to hold scripted SMS conversations with their contacts in CIviCRM.  We've just piloted this functionality with them and the results look quite promising.

The background

Over the summer Future First signed up over 25,000 school leavers to their alumni networks. They did this in two ways. Approx. 50% filled in their details just before they left school using an online form that we built with webform_civicrm. The form collected their name, email, mobile number and optionally facebook details. The other half filled in paper forms that were later electronicified...

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17 October, 2012
By jcm55

We've been using CiviCRM at Bay Area Children's Theatre since 2008, and started using it for ticket sales shortly thereafter.  CiviEvent was really designed for event registrations, and there are some differences between an event registration and a ticket purchase, but we found that CiviEvent gave us enough flexibility to use it for ticket sales -- especially with price sets.  BACT also has some unique flexibility that allowed us to adopt CiviEvent for ticket sales, which other organizations may not have:

1) Ticket fraud (and therefore ticket control) is not a major concern given our audience base

2) Our audience is comfortable with print-at-home tickets (or will call)

3) All of our shows are general admission (no assigned seats)

As BACT has grown, our flexibility around general admission seating has gotten, well...  less flexible :)  Our audience has grown, we have more ticket sales to large groups, we have sell-outs more...

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08 July, 2012
By reperry


The Progressive Technology Project has compiled a list of scenarios related to doing searches from our groups’  support requests. We would like to put these forward as suggestions/modifications for Advanced Search or custom searches. Perhaps some have already been solved and are lurking quietly as custom searches that we just don’t have on our radar yet. Please share comments and reactions to these - have any of your clients needed something similar?

In case you don't know us, PTP has trained and supports over fifty community organizing groups in the US using CiviCRM, in addition to our other programmatic work. The version of CiviCRM we support is called PowerBase - it includes the CiviEngage module and CiviCampaign component that facilitate activities that all of these organizing groups do regularly to build people power.


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01 July, 2012
By petednz


After more meanderings around the Universe of Webform_civicrm (Creator: Coleman) I started thinking that I should find a way to use it to collect more complex information about Organisations and Relationships which might be required as part of an event or membership registration.

The prompt for this particular meandering was that currently Event Registration does not provide any in-built options to collect information about an Organisation that the registrant might represent, beyond the Organisation Name (currently employer) and Job Title.

I was expecting to need to code this in to civi for an event that allowed for a multiple person registration and therefore anything we did to collect Organisation info for Person 1 would not be required for subsequent persons.

However, having seen Coleman referring to a 'hashed link', it finally dawned on me (oh alright with just a bit of help by big C) that since...

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13 June, 2012

Last night, Eliet Henderson from BayKeeper and I led a discussion on fundraising with CiviCRM at the CiviCRM Meetup in San Francisco. We had a good mixture of organizations from across the Bay Area that are using CiviCRM to manage volunteers and students, in addition to donors. It sounds like we end up asking ourselves similar questions: how can we structure personal data in useful ways? Whether we plan to send fundraising appeals or volunteer schedules, many of the same tasks, such as building lists based on activity history, still apply. This presentation was specifically designed to provide developers with a better sense of what features we use in order to raise money. And introduce new users to CiviCRM terminology for common fundraising tasks. You can find a copy of our slide deck, and soon, the audio recording of the presentation attached to this blog post, thank you Adrian!


Our conversation started out with...

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11 May, 2012

At the April sprint, several of us discussed improvements to CiviCRM’s soft credit functionality. For those of us who use CiviCRM for fundraising, soft credits are vital component of managing donor relationships, and there are several ways CiviCRM could be improved to make soft credits more robust and easier to use.

Thanks to Kellie Brownell and Jane Hanley for their contributions to this blog post.

Some background:

What’s a soft credit? Soft credits allow you to indicate that a second contact has a relationship to another contact’s contribution. Soft credits show up on the soft-credited donor’s Contribution tab in a table below the “hard credit” contributions.

When are soft credits used? We came up with a number of different use cases for soft credits (and there are probably others):

Facilitator credits. When someone helps facilitate a contribution, they get soft credited....

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27 April, 2012

When EFF began looking for a new CRM, we were incredibly impressed by the CiviCRM community. CiviCRM users were excited to speak with us about their experiences and developers responded quickly to our questions on the forums. In comparison to other products on the market, we viewed this willingness to help other users as a huge asset and important part of our final decision to adopt CiviCRM. More than eight months after migrating our database, the CiviCRM community still proves to be a tremendous resource for good ideas.


To welcome prospective CiviCRM users, we would like to formalize—into an Amabassador Program—what many of you are already doing informally. The program would result in a listing on CiviCRM.org of existing users, who would be happy to answer questions about why they choose and how they use CiviCRM. And room on the forums for recording some of these conversations. The following is a short outline of our thoughts so far, but we would love to hear...

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06 April, 2012

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) needed to be able to target and deliver our constituent's comments on Congressional Bills to Senators and Representatives. Thanks to this blog post we found PopVox and thanks to the good folks at PopVox, CiviCRM and PopVox are now integrated.

PopVox's advocacy tools enable organizations, like IMBA, to embed a customizable Write Congress widget directly onto an organization-branded website so grassroots activists can send messages to Congress, which POPVOX delivers and then aggregates into graphical statistics of support of and oppostion to a particular bill.

Things that define PopVox's service:

  • Take action forms (widgets) can be embedded into an organization's website using an iframe
  • PopVox inserts contact information from the constituent...
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