02 June, 2011

In 2010, San Francisco Baykeeper was suffering from disparate fundraising and communication systems.

They were using:

  • Blackbaud Raiser's Edge as an offline donor database, which cost $2,500 annually.
  • Email Now from Network for Good for mass email, at a cost of $30 a month.
  • custom database to collect online donations and ticket sales to one or two major donor events a year. They paid about $1,000 per event to customize the ticket sale page.
  • Various third-party vendors to host personal fundraising pages, which cost about $1,000 in processing fees per recreational fundraising events.

They evaluated additional modules for Raiser's Edge, SalesForce, Democracy in Action and CiviCRM. With cost and functionality being major factors, they decided to invest in CiviCRM as a platform, despite initial upfront costs for...

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27 May, 2011
By Stoob

Hi Stuart from Korlon LLC here. Thanks to a new feature sponsored via the Make it Happen initiative, we now have membership continuity on the upsell.

In the past, when your organization used multiple membership levels (example: General Membership, Gold Membership, Platinum Membership) that meant when someone renewed online at a higher level, a new remembership was created rather than upgrading and renewing the old membership. This is no longer the case! To make the most of this new feature we've started using the automated membership reminder email feature in conjunction with this new enhancement.


Note: We use Drupal 6 and CiviCRM 3.4 on this site.


Step 1: Create a reminder email message for EACH membership level here: ...

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22 May, 2011
By Eileen

A customer recently asked Fuzion  if the little contact search box in the top left corner could be made available on all their drupal pages and that it link to the contact's Drupal page.


Re-using the Civi-search box seemed a bit too difficult but there was a fairly easy solution to this request using existing drupal modules - finder + views (plus features to deploy).


Finder module will create an autocomplete box off any view. I created a basic View based on drupal users. After Pete had finished with it it had 3 fields: contact display name - linked to CiviCRM contact, Drupal user name - linked to Drupal contact & drupal email linked to a mail to. It was also filtered to 'Is Primary Email'. It looks like this (filtered to a single record).



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10 May, 2011
By Stoob

Hi this is Stuart from Korlon LLC.  I decided to write a case study about ACLs since they don't seem to get a lot of attention.  If you've ever wondered (or asked) "what if some people should only be able to see certain data in Civi?" then ACLs will probably accomplish what you want.


ACLs link up with your CMS (Drupal or Joomla) to create a permissioning system that, in a nutshell, allows certain roles in your CMS to view or edit certain groups in CiviCRM. 


We used ACLs for...

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22 April, 2011

Our existing system for managing the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) tracking requirements has worked well for several years. With new state level requirements being issued the lack of flexibility of our current system became apparent. Looking at vendor solutions appeared to stick us with extremely robust applications whereas we need functionality for just a few state and federal laws.


CiviCRM had cropped up several times as a potential application to use for traditional CRM roles but during a brainstorming session on our new FMLA app, my fellow developer said, "It seems like CiviCRM might be able to do this." The proverbial light bulbs shattered above our heads as we started mapping existing civi modules and components to our application requirements.

  • Track employees FMLA types -> CiviCase
  • Follow a workflow for when an employee goes on leave ->CiviCase Activity Sets
  • Send letters based on the type of leave...
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21 April, 2011

Thinking it would simplify things, I decided to try to set up CiviCRM on my personal Mac (running 10.6.7, or Snow Leopard) so I could do some learning and testing before messing up the server. I did three searches: "OS X", "Mac", and "standalone".


Trying to search for "OS X" I learned that the search engine in the forums wants a minimum of three characters, but the search at the CiviCRM home doesn't mind. So on the home page I saw the following results (which includes items from the forum I couldn't find directly via the forum search):


CiviCRM Dev Environment on Mac OS X using MacPorts, NetBeans ...

May 25, 2010 ... This is an "Optional Install" on the Mac OS X installation DVD, or you can download them from the Apple Developer Connection website. ...


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20 April, 2011

My name is Tim and I am a board member for the Open Roads Bike Program (http://www.openroadsbike.org/), a Kalamazoo, Michigan youth development program, founded in 2009, that teaches social skills and bike mechanic skills to youth in our community. This program began as a one-time program created by my friend Ethan Alexander, funded by a grant from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. For this our third year, the board has put together a plan to turn this great idea into a permanent, self-sustaining organization - with help from CiviCRM.


Many of you are familiar with the process: creating brochures and letters, developing partnerships, organizing fund-raising campaigns, writing grants, developing our elevator speeches, organizing volunteers, planning events. With a small but dedicated group and many tasks, organization is essential. Efficiency is important. Some of our board members were familiar with web-based CRM...

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30 March, 2011
By xcf33

Many modern web applications have a lot of spam deterrent such as Captcha, Bayesian filters, URL, ip detections etc. One example is trying to do 2 consecutive search on the CiviCRM.org forum and you will get a an error that look like


"Your last search was less than 5 seconds ago. Please try again later."


The concept behind this is flood control is to prevent a webbot (automated script) that is trying to spam and flood the server. 


Sometimes this technique is useful in place of something such as a Captcha system because when someone performs a search on the forum, it would be annoying to have to play the "guess game" with a captcha everytime. Therefore discourages the usage of the searching functionality. 


We are applying the same concept to CiviContribute contribution page in attempt to stop spammers from using the contribution form as a gateway to test fake or stolen credit cards. See the code in the...

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14 March, 2011
By jcm55

We're a small children's theatre company and make great use of Google Analytics.  We use CiviCRM/CiviEvent for our patron database and online ticket sales, and wanted to add Google Analytics ecommerce tracking to track the effectiveness of our various marketing activities.


I did this by copying /civicrm/templates/CRM/Price/Page/LineItem.tpl into a custom template directory, and adding the tracking code to my custom version.  All of our "events" use price sets, and the price options are various ticket categories (child, adult, senior, etc).  The code below tracks not only the entire order amount, but also the quantities of individual items in the order.

LineItem.tpl is called multiple times during the order/checkout process, so my custom template inserts the tracking code only when the $trxn_id variable is present -- this indicates that the order is finalized.


If you...

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23 February, 2011
By lcdweb


We are excited to announce the publication of Using CiviCRM, by Packt Publishing – the first full-length, commercially published book covering implementation, configuration, and usage of CiviCRM.

The book goes beyond technical “how to’s” by helping the reader think through their systems, organizational processes, and existing data in order to most effectively make use of CiviCRM’s tools. Using case studies, practical recommendations, and best practices, the book walks through configuration and use of the core software and its functional components.

Weighing in at over 450 pages – it provides a comprehensive review of the software and the ways it can be used.

The book is an important step forward for the CiviCRM project, opening new opportunities for users and implementers who want to better understand the system and become power users. In conjunction with recent updates...

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