Refine Mailing

Extension to segment an existing draft mailing leaving two separate, identical mailings except for their non-overlapping recipients, which can then be adapted to the segments appropriately before being submitted.


Gives admin(s) the ability to view, through a simple UI, the stored messages and their headers, that are redirected to the database through

Mandrill (simple)

This is a simpler and therefore faster alternative to the MTE (Mandrill Transactional Email) extension, listed here as "Mandrill Email". Please see the README for full details of the differences between the extensions and why this one was created.

Chassé: Supporter Journeys

Allows you to set up email "journeys" made up of a sequence of email message templates sent out at pre-defined intervals. Example use cases include:

CASL Support

Provides some basic fields and functionality to assist with compliance for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (or other similar legislation like CAN-SPAM).

These fields are for all contacts and track consent for communicating with them. Contacts that don't have consent (or where it's expired) will automatically have the no-bulk-email flag set. This extension was developed by PeaceWorks Technology Solutions.

Related Membership Tokens

In the case of conferred memberships (i.e. memberships bestowed on a contact "by relationship"), CiviCRM's Scheduled Reminders feature sends an email to all of the contacts associated with that membership: the primary contact as well as all the contacts with a "by relationship" membership. When standard email tokens are used in this instance, the tokens are populated based on the contact the email is being sent to, not the contact who holds the "primary" membership.

Related Tokens

This extension adds to CiviCRM’s list of tokens by creating new tokens that reference information from related contacts. For every existing contact token, such as display name or birth date, etc., the extension generates additional related field tokens for every enabled relationship type.

Contact Checksum UI

This extension provides a simple UI under the contact summary via Actions->Contact Checksum.

When opened a simple UI is displayed with information and example links to use in emails when sending personalised / "update your details" links from CiviCRM.

Validate Checksum API

Requirement was to be able to validate a checksum (from a mailing from CiviCRM) from an external website. There is a function that does that, this extension simply enables that function in the API.

Required parameters: contact_id and checksum, returns is_valid:true or false in the values array.