Register now: CiviCamp Montreal on 27 September, code sprint 28-30 September

CiviCamp Montreal is a one-day event to discover CiviCRM, learn new tricks and share your experiences. The event will feature two tracks of sessions with a wide array of topics, from beginner to power-user, including a special focus on requirements for organisations North of the border, such as Canadian payment processors, event/membership taxes, tax receipts and translation. Register now, we will close the event once we reach the room's capacity.

PSA: Gmail un-encrypted e-mail warnings

On 9 February 2016, Gmail announced it would warn users when they receive e-mail that was not encrypted by the sender. After all, e-mail often includes personnal information, but has historically never been encrypted. A webmail might use https, an IMAP account is usually using encryption as well, but users do not have an easy way to know if the communication between two e-mail servers is encrypted. Gmail therefore introduced a small red open padlock in the e-mail header to warn users if the communication was not encrypted.

16-19 July 2015: NYC Drupal Camp, Aegir Summit and CiviCRM turn-key hosting

For those of you in the New York City area, 16-19 July 2015 is NYC Drupal Camp (pronounced "nice camp"), an annual grassroots non-profit conference run by volunteers. The event covers a broad range of topics related to Drupal. As part of the camp, the developers of the Aegir hosting system have organised the first Aegir Summit, 16-17 July.

November CiviCRM Clinic and Meetup in Montreal (QC)

The CiviCRM Montreal meetups are back, don't miss the next meetup, on Wednesday November 19th! This time we are also hosting a community "clinic" from 5pm to 6pm. Evaluating CiviCRM for your organisation? Questions on day to day usage, administration or development? We will do our best to answer. First come, first served! Please register as soon as possible, so that we may plan the event accordingly.

How I got involved in CiviCRM translations

My first project with CiviCRM goes back to 2006, when I had to deploy a solution to track and report the activities of 25 volunteer activity centers. It ran a beta version of CiviCRM 1.7. It was rather basic, the implementation had a lot of custom code, but it worked. There were a few issues, however, and one of them was that the French translation was incomplete.

Personal Campaign Page for Teams?

An organisation I work with wishes to extend the Personal Campaign Page (PCP) to allow teams to raise money either using their group PCP page, or individual PCP pages of each team member. In other words, the team organiser creates a PCP page and sets a team objective. The organiser then invites members to join its group. By doing so, the team member creates its own PCP page with a personnal objective.

In terms of functionality:

Translation review and quality assurance

English is the default language of CiviCRM, but many translations are available. For example, Russian, Chinese, French, Dutch and Japanese are 100% completion (or almost). Italian, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, German and Portuguese are also very advanced. There are 64 languages and variants on Transifex at the moment of this writing.

Translating CiviCRM a very difficult and long task: there are many very specific terms and there are more than 15,000 strings to translate.

Report from the October French (Quebec) Translators Meetup

Four of the fr_CA translators team met in Montreal yesterday to discuss how to communicate, prioritize and exchange tips and tricks on how to translate CiviCRM.

We would also like to get in contact with other translation teams to know how they work. Here are some topics we discussed:

French translation meetup 19 October 2011 in Montreal, QC

Join us on 19 October 2011 in Montreal (QC, Canada) for a meetup on the state of the fr_CA CiviCRM translation. Location: at the Brulerie Saint-Denis (near the Berri-UQAM metro station) starting at 19h (7 PM).

Scheduled topics include: translation workflow, lexicon, book translation and marketing materials.

First Montreal CiviCRM meetup Thursday July 8th

Join us for the first Montréal CiviCRM meetup, Thursday July 8th, 17-19h! There will be report backs from CiviCon, French translation status, talks about the new book, case studies. We hope to encourage informal group talks based on various interests (users, integrators, developers).

Meetup agenda:

  • Report back on the first CiviCon (which was in April 2010 in SF after DrupalCon) and book/translation/code sprint
  • French translation status and recent changes to the translation system
  • New CiviCRM book and plans to translate