Videos of CiviCon London 2011

2011-09-06 16:16
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Two weeks already since civicon, the dust has settled and Amy Dobbs and the team at skillmatters have filmed and uploaded the sessions.

  • For those that have attended CiviCon london and ended up the day desperate about all the nice sessions they missed, you'll be pleased to know that you can see them online.
  • For those that missed CiviCon london, well, really, you should have been there, we missed you and we hope you'll be able to attend the next one.
  • For the speakers, could you post a comment with a link to your slides? I'll update this article.

Anyway, the videos are online too, a couple needs some setting changes to be viewed, stay tuned and come back soon.


welcome to civicon state of the project & keynote

By Kurund Jalmi, Donald Lobo, Dave Greenberg and Dominik Lukes

Keynote slides: CiviCRM: The Community Advantage

10am sessions

Raising millions for charity

By Tom Kirkpatrick

civicampaign and civiengage to change the world

By Xavier Dutoit and Alice Aguilar

The slides

Is CiviCRM Right for Your Organisation?

By Dave Greenberg. The session wasn't properly video recorded.


11h15 sessions

event management

By Sean Kenny

api3 the chain and more

By Xavier Dutoit, Erik Hommel and Eileen McNaugton

CiviCRM as Open SaaS

By Dave Moreton

2pm sessions

civicase at de goede woning

By kristia Brouwer and annet Lugtenberg

drupal 6 support for years: not months

By Seb Schmoller & Maren Deepwell


The testing framework, aka: 'be a darling and submit a test with your code contribution'

By Kurund Jalmi and Eileen McNaughton

4pm sessions

CiviCon london 2011. CiviMobile & Ajax Magic

By Xavier Dutoit

The two other sessions were more a group discussion and haven't been filmed. Those lucky enough to participate told me they were great. Did I mention already you should have attended ? ;)

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Excellent - some decent viewing at last instead of Harry Potter #731


Some are listed above as 'not permissioned'

I've added links to the videos on the sessions. We should encourage all presenters to upload their slides now so we have a good record of the event. Perhaps one or two photos would be good as well.