MRG Foundation Brings Fundraising and Grantmaking Together with CiviCRM

See how donation, events and grant data can live happily under one CiviCRM roof.

McKenzie River Gathering (MRG) Foundation is the leading funder of Oregon's social justice movements, driven by an unwavering belief in the power of collective action to change the world. Robust management of our various constituencies is essential for meeting our goals.

McKenzie River Gathering

Using the new CSV import tool to work with even more data!

CiviCRM has had an array of powerful import tools for as long as I can remember but the availble options have been limited. Contacts, Contributions, Participants, Memberships and Activities...sure....but what about the Events themselves? Sorry. What about Grants? Nope.

Who's interested in a customizable Sort Name?

"Sort Name" is used by CiviCRM for tabular search results. CiviCRM has historically just copied the Household and Organization names directly into the Sort Name field.  For names such the "The Can Company" and "Tom and Jeri Cooper" this doesn't work out so well; the sort will happen on the letter T as in "The" rather than the letter C as is more appropriate. is About to Turn One!

CiviTeacher organizes clear and concise videos into a portable and searchable training library.

Introducing CiviGoat: The World's First Open Source GRM

Proper GRM tools can make all the difference in the success or failure of your herd. As many developers have found, working with a proprietary goat resource management system can seem simple in the beginning, but customizing it to your herd's specific needs can feel like eating brambles. With the new CiviCRM extensions framework and easily digestible API 3.0, developers can dig in and produce at an unprecedented rate.

Using only jQuery and CiviCRM to create Members Only Pricing

There have been several hook() or Drupal module based solutions for "members only" pricing for events or for other 'discounts' related to memberships.


I take a different approach by using only jQuery and blocks in Drupal 6.  For those who use Drupal 7 you can adapt this code with Drupal 7's new javascript namespace and Joomla folks could even make use of this in custom TPL files.


Drupal 6 Extended Support "Make It Happen" ALMOST There, Please Help

If you are using Drupal 6, you have a vested interest in extended Drupal 6 support for CiviCRM 3.4 until spring 2012. If you are staying with Drupal 6 because of budgetary reasons or because Drupal 7 doesn't yet support all the modules you need for your site, this is vital for you. You will make sure your 3.4 CiviCRM/Drupal 6 setup remains healthy and safe. Please donate here, if you haven't already.


Making the Most of the New Membership Upsell

Hi Stuart from Korlon LLC here. Thanks to a new feature sponsored via the Make it Happen initiative, we now have membership continuity on the upsell.

ACLs In Practice: A Case Study

Hi this is Stuart from Korlon LLC.  I decided to write a case study about ACLs since they don't seem to get a lot of attention.  If you've ever wondered (or asked) "what if some people should only be able to see certain data in Civi?" then ACLs will probably accomplish what you want.