Drupal 8 full release is getting closer. RC1 came out in early October.

We are very keen to have CiviCRM ready to work with Drupal 8 sites. A lot of work has already been done thanks to Google Summer of Code funding, and major contributions by Fuzion, basx GmbH and the Shrimala Trust.

Currently we have CiviCRM tested only up to Drupal 8 beta 14.

This Make It Happen is for $10,000 to fix breakages as the final release candidates of Drupal 8 roll out (such as dealing with Symfony conflicts), and setting it up to work with BuildKit so we can provide a Demo site as part of the civicrm.org set of demo sites. 

There will be a further MIHs for other related work such as refactoring the CiviCRM Entity module in order to deliver all the goodies of Entities and Rules, and provide improved solutions for CiviMember Roles Sync and CiviGroup Roles Sync, upgrading Webform CiviCRM.

But our first goal is to make sure that CiviCRM can be rolled out as soon as possible after Drupal 8 gets launched.

Note: Fuzion is currently leading this work supported by the Core Team hence funds donated via this form may be transferred to Fuzion's account.

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