Other third-party integrations.


This extension allows users to interact with CiviCRM via conversational interfaces (like a WhatsApp, SMS, chat clients, etc).

Action Provider

This extension provides a base class for actions. An action is something other extensions could reuse and which is executable. At its own this extension does not do something but it might be used by other extensions.

Example extensions building on top of this extension are:

* Form Processor

* Search Action Designer

iParl (Organic Campaigns) integration

This extension works with Organic Campaigns' iParl service which allows people to email their MPs (MEPs, etc.) with stock letters etc.

The extension receives information from iParl whenever anyone does one of its "actions". It then tries to find the person and creates them if they don't exist. It then adds an iParl activity to their record. The title of the iParl action is used for the activity subject.

Data Processor

With the data processor you can build complex queries easily in the user interface and display them as a search, api or export as CSV.

The data processor is an extension with which system administrator can do the following:

Smartcivi - Mobile Application to integrate with your CiviCRM website data.

This extension supports smartcivi mobile application which needs to be installed against your CiviCRM website.

This extension helps to list the below data against Mobile Application as below  

  1. Profile Record
  2. Contribution Record 
  3. Membership Record
  4. Event Record




Install this extension if you are a developer and wish to integrate CiviCRM with an extension or application, or if another extension requires it.

Api4 has been moved to CiviCRM core as of CiviCRM 5.19. This extension is now archived and will receive no further updates.


This extension does the following:

  • Creates a document set in Sharepoint for each contact in CiviCRM
  • Create a document set in Sharepoint for each case in CiviCRM
  • Provides a link to the sharepoint document set on the contact summary screen
  • Provides a link to the sharepoint document set on the case summary screen

Installation instructions

Form Processor

The form processor is used to handle the submission of a form on an external website in CiviCRM. You can define your inputs (fields) and then define the actions. An action could be create a contact, add contact to group etc...

See… for an how to use the form processor with an external Wordpress Contact Form 7 or with an external Drupal 7 and Webform website.

CiviCRM OSDI Contact Sync

This is an extension for importing from and exporting to OSDI endpoints from CiviCRM. We suport syncs for Contact resources between CiviCRM to CiviCRM instances, as well as ActionNetwork to CiviCRM instances. Syncs are updated every day automatically through jobs that take groups of contacts on a remote instance of CiviCRM / ActionNetwork and ensure that these contacts are store and up to date on the host CiviCRM instance. All actions are negotiated through the OSDI implementation, and this extension provides an OSDI API endpoint to access contact instances through an OSDI format.