Extensions Directory

Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created. This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that work on all Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Platform integrations

As well as extensions that install within CiviCRM and work on all CMSs listed below, you can browse directories of integrations that are made specifically for Backdrop, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Create a single email template (Civi or Mosaico) with organisation branding and apply it to all the system workflow templates in one easy step.
Current Usage: 133
Export Permission creates a permission for export - without this permission the export option is not available from the search actions menu.
Current Usage: 130
This extension provides bounce and complaint handling for the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).
Current Usage: 129
The Campaign Manager takes working with CiviCRM's campaigns to the next level. You'll love the new stats,KPIs, and hierarchies of campaigns.
Current Usage: 128
Current Usage: 127
Helper extension to manage settings for multiple entitie
Current Usage: 127
Unofficial extension to support the Shoreditch CiviCRM theme on WordPress.
Current Usage: 126
The standard system notifications about available extension upgrades are only displayed for extensions that are available to install via the UI. However there are many extensions at civicrm.org/extensions that you can install that are not available to install via the UI, and you likely want to know when upgrades are available for those too.
Current Usage: 124
Submit gift aid reports to HMRC from within CiviCRM.
Current Usage: 124
This extension integrates Twingle donation and membership forms with CiviCRM.
Current Usage: 123
Extension to Create CMS user for Contacts from either Group and/or Tag, This functionality runs using Scheduled Job or Immediately using hook when contact is added to either group or tag. It's totally based on how you configured the setting form.
Current Usage: 123
Current Usage: 123
Restrict online registration to certain events to members only but still have other events open to the public.
Current Usage: 121
A tool that allows you to easily correct invalid phone numbers.
Current Usage: 116
Lists logs for the membership under membership tab of contact summary and membership search results.
Current Usage: 115