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Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created. This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that work on all Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Platform integrations

As well as extensions that install within CiviCRM and work on all CMSs listed below, you can browse directories of integrations that are made specifically for:

This extension supports CiviXero but has been written so that it could also support different accounting synchronisations in the hope it will encourage greater collaboration. It is a dependency of CiviXero.
Current Usage: 113
Current Usage: 109
SMS API for CiviCRM to send sms through the API

Current Usage: 109
Automated download of translations files for CiviCRM core and extensions.
Current Usage: 108
A simple user interface to help with creating personalised links when sending emails from CiviCRM.
Current Usage: 108
The CiviCRM Configuration Loader extension version 2 lets you export and import configuration sets from CiviCRM into another
CiviCRM installation.
Current Usage: 106
The data processor token output gives you the ability to create tokens with the data processor.
Current Usage: 106
QR Code Checkin allows you to send QR codes to event participants that can be scanned for faster checkin at the event.
Current Usage: 105
This extension provides a number of useful features to complement/improve the CiviEvent component in CiviCRM and replaces the event templates functionality with a much easier to use and more powerful version.
Current Usage: 102
Current Usage: 98
Current Usage: 97
Lists logs for the membership under membership tab of contact summary and membership search results.
Current Usage: 96
An organic collection of extra functionality related to recurring contributions.
Current Usage: 94
Adds a custom data set to groups and adds a permission
Current Usage: 90