CiviCRM for fundraising at MAF Norway

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Oslo to work with MAF Norway for 2 days, together with my CiviCooP colleague Jaap Jansma. MAF Norway is a very inspiring group with very ambitious fundraising goals for the next couple of years. And they believe they need CiviCRM to make it possible for them to achieve those goals. It was an extremely inspiring visit for both parties involved.

Let me give you a little background on our involvement with MAF and the next steps with CiviCRM, and then Martin from MAF will take over the keyboard and tell you about MAF Norway and their fundraising.

Make It Happen for CiviCase Configuration UI

We want to propose a Make It Happen for a CiviCase configuration UI (see forum post,25791.15.html).

The current road to setting up a new Case Type involves creating an XML file, setting up Activity Types and Relationship Types, and making sure they are all spelled correctly and consistently throughout the process. Although it works fine it is quite cumbersome. It would be nicer to have a User Interface to deal with it.

ERD for CiviCase version 3.3

Just created a quick ERD for CiviCase, and shared it on this page

It is version 3.3, so not the latest and greatest. But I am sure I will have to check the same ERD for version 4 at a near point in the future and update the ERD too. And I do not think there are major differences in the data model......

I have also attached the ERD to this blog post.

Street parsing

At the Apeldoorn sprint today we had several discussions about street parsing and what we should do about it. A couple of solutions came up, I spoke first with Joe Murray and Xavier Dutoit. At that point in time using Extensions per street parsing seemed a logical solution. Discussing a little more with Lobo and Tim Otten the idea changed, and perhaps one Extension for international street parsing should be enough. Let me explain the issue first for all of you out there that are not into street parsing....


Requirements for CiviMobile Activities and Cases

De Goede Woning (our biggest and oldest CiviCRM client) have expressed lots of interest in CiviMobile. For them the main focus is on Activities and Cases. It is really important for the workers to be able to access and maintain data whilst on the road visiting and helping customers and stakeholders. So here is my first draft of what is required functionally, any thoughts and comments much appreciated!! We will probably start developing this stuff in October.

First day of Apeldoorn sprint

Today was the first day of the Apeldoorn part of the post-CiviCon sprints. A bit of a chaotic day with people coming in, shopping and lots of logistics. A nice cold too on top of that, although a real community one! Alice and Xavier are suffering from the same cold.....Xavier at home in bed, and Alice and I shared a sniffing office today :-) I did get a first draft on my requirements for CiviMobile Activities and Cases, blog post to follow. I am planning to discuss that with Kurund and later Peter McAndrew tomorrow.

A different approach to CiviCRM developer training

During the december 2011 sprint in The Netherlands we discussed a different approach to the developer training sessions. We wanted to bring the approach in line with the user and administrator training sessions developed during the sprint following CiviCon London 2011. In short this means we do not try to focus on dealing with all aspects of CiviCRM but focus more on the needs of the participants. The aim is not to learn all there is to learn but to learn enough to get started.

CiviCRM Euro sprint 2011

Saturday morning I brought the McAndrew bros and later Gergö Tiszi to the train station, which ended a great CiviCRM code sprint in Apeldoorn. I think we had quite some progress on CiviMobile, which looks really nice on my Android. I would like to thank Peter, Rajesh, Michael and Willem for their contribution and Hemma for her enthusiasm. We also improved the test set up and did some testing, for which Michael, Gergö, Xavier, Hans and Michael deserve thanks. I tested the new API class, which was elegantly crafted by Xavier and solved some API issues.

My CiviCon

Just one day after arrving back from weeks of holidays I found myself in the train from Brummen (The Netherlands) to London for CiviCon 2011, of which we were proud Silver sponsors. We arrived in time, and it was great to meet my API friends Xavier Dutoit and Eileen McNaughton (who I had never met IRL) and Kurund Jalmi and Yashodha Chaku from the CiviCRM Core team.