Inspiring CiviCRM meetup in BeNeLux

Last Friday I we had a BeNeLux CiviCRM meetup in Vianen, with 21 attendants from all three countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg). Lobo was present too as he was in the neighborhood (Paris?) anyway.

It was a very inspiring sessions, that got off with a good introduction. We split up in different parallel sessions, where Lobo did a general introduction, Erik Brouwer did a session on localization and I discussed my showcase of synchronizing data between CiviCRM and an Oracle application at De Goede Woning.

Brussels Developer Camp

It's 19.50, I'm in the train from Brussels to home, on my way back from the CiviCRM developer camp. Erik Brouwer has just left the train, Eagles on the headphone and there's a multicolored display of non-identifiable ligths thru the window.....just another 90 minutes and I will be on the couch with a glass of red, cats purring on my lap and telling Floor all about the two days. So what was it like, this developer camp?

De Goede Woning is taking the first step towards using CiviCRM as their CRM.

The Dutch housing corporation De Goede Woning did a prototype with CiviCRM in the last quearter of 2009. At the end of the prototype the project group wrote a recommendation to the Management Team:

  • take the basic decision to start using CiviCRM as their CRM
  • make a project plan to start using CiviCRM in the sales and customer service part of the organisation
  • to develop links to/from their main transaction system and their document management system

Loading data into CiviCRM for a Dutch Housing Corporation

We started a project with a Dutch Housing Corporation called 'De Goede Woning' 2 months ago. They use CiviCRM to get a grip on their requirements towards a CRM-package. It is very possible that they will use CiviCRM after the project, but the objective is to understand what CRM means and what is needed for their specific situation. We use bog-standard CiviCRM (version 3.02 on Drupal 6.14 with the Dutch translation) with CiviCase. If you want to know more about the project, let me know! I love telling stories about our projects :-)