Passing form data from Wordpress to CiviCRM

Our customer Werk Met Zin (platform of independent 'job' coaches and trainers in Flanders) use a Wordpress site as a front end and CiviCRM as their back end. There is now one specific instance where an individual can apply for a series of coaching sessions on the website. This has to be passed to CiviCRM and rather than updating the website to Drupal we are passing the data from the Wordpress site to CiviCRM.

New extension to protect groups

I have just published an extension we (CiviCooP) developed for PUM Senior Experts. They wanted to make sure that contacts could only be added/removed to/from some groups by specific users. So we have created an extension for them, adding a permission and setting the group behaviour. For more details and download, check

CiviCRM at Wikimedia Netherlands

1. What was the ambition when you started with CiviCRM?

Automating membership administration, event management en managing our donors.  We also wanted to combine our data from memberships, events, donations and relations so it would be easier to maintain and share our knowledge. Finally we wanted a link between the forms on our website and our CRM system.

First cookbook on CiviRules showing automated donor classification

I have just completed the first cookbook on CiviRules, with 2 basic examples and an example on how to automatically classify donors based on their contributing behaviour. Have a look, any comment is highly appreciated :-)

Extension CiviRules now avaible for download with live showcase from MAF Norge

Message from Steinar (MAF Norge)

CiviRules is live and doing effective automation!

Two weeks ago, Wednesday June 10th, MAF Norway started to use CiviRules on their live production site.
We did set up one single rule, which starting from that day, saves us for approximately 1 hour work pr. day. That is almost 15% of one persons workload throughout the year!

Amnesty International Flanders accelerate their street recruitment with CiviCRM!

Amnesty International Flanders (AIVL) have been using CiviCRM for a couple of years now, initially with memberships mainly but lately more and more as a fundraising tool. They have implemented CiviBanking for their incoming bank transactions and are now in the process of testing CiviSepa for their direct debits. We (as CiviCooP) are part of their CiviCRM family and work together with them to support their processes in the best way we can, making the most of CiviCRM.

CiviCon NorthWest Europe in Amsterdam was a great day!

Yesterday was the first CiviCon NorthWest Europe in Amsterdam. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was inspiring to see the local community being able to organize and support such an event! We had a little over 50 participants from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

A great CiviCRM community day in the heart of Amsterdam with:

CiviCon NorthWest Europe 28 May 2015 in Amsterdam

Great to read all the feedback from CiviCon Denver and the sprint in the blogs and on social media. It confirms that CiviCon is THE conference where users, developers, supporters and fans of CiviCRM meet each other, share knowledge and swap stories. It is the best spot to get inspired and gain insights into the possibilities of CiviCRM!