MAF Norge is happy

We still have to do a really good showcase, but I do quickly want to share some encouraging figures from the MAF Norge CiviCRM implementation with you:

  • in the old system we could process 100 contributions per day, with CiviCRM we can now do 200!
  • in the old system it took a couple of hours to send a batch of PDF letters to donors, it now takes me a couple of minutes

Nice eh? Totally out of context and probably not really fair comparisons....but I do like the numbers :-)

Donor Journey sprint final thoughts

A final blog about our Donor Journey sprint with Steinar and Helen from MAF Norge. Or I should really say our sprint on CiviCRM Trigger Action. We set out to at least create the first basic version of the engine to automatically do stuff based on stuff in CiviCRM :-) Some kind of mechanism that would allow MAF Norge to automatically move donors into specific groups once they have contributed for the first time or set up a recurring payment for example.

Review of extension Relationship Permissions as ACLs

We are reviewing the extension Relationship Permissions as ACLs, which has been made available by Eileen McNaughton from Fuzion ( Kudos to Eileen and Fuzion for sharing the extension!

What does it do

The extension sets permissions for contacts based on the relations permission.It is a bit complicated......did we get it correctly Eileen?

Review of extension Extended Mailing Stats

This time we had a look at the Extended Mailing Stats extensions, that was contributed by Andrew MacNaughty. The extension is used by the Australian Greens ( More information on the extension can be found on And a big thank you to Andrew and the Australian Greens for sharing this extension!

Review of extension sync for Google Apps

I have selected this extension to review because the description looked really cool! So it made me curious.

Cividesk sync for Google Apps

More information on the extension is here : The module has been developed by Nicolas Ganivet from Cividesk. I have reviewed version 1.0 of the extension.

Review of extension Recurring Offline Payment

So here is the first one, review of an extension! I have selected this one because we recently used it in a project and expect to use if many times in the future. Each review subject can score a maximum of 5 stars (brilliant) and a minimum of 1 star (not very nice). We thought a review should be easy to read and concise, so we decided we limit ourselves to max 3-5 sentences per subject.

Reviewing extensions

At CiviCon London 2014 the topic of extensions came up in a couple of conversations. Should some extensions be part of core, how do we deal with really good extensions and really bad ones, should we show how many times an extension is downloaded etc. Jaap Jansma and me discussed some more with Lobo on IRC and we decided that we would start with extension reviews. We feel that the extension mechanism is really cool and helps us a lot as developers and as users. We want to stay true to our community spirit, do things together and make sure we can all contribute.