Incentivizing cycle-friendly employers through a certification program

Cycling Friendly Employer Certification

The Cycling Friendly Employer (CFE) certification is a program to establish a European standard for “Cycling Friendly” companies across 14 countries. This certification works to incentivize employees of European companies who go to work by bicycle. Upon completion of the program, companies receive the “Cycle-friendly employer” certificate.

Through this integration, the platform coordinators can manage the companies and users of each company, extract reports and send communications using the CiviMail. The platform also has an intranet for users that is localized for each of the countries. 

The most complex component of the solution is to manage the assessments that companies complete in order to become certified as a bicycle friendly employer. Each country has its own scoring system and the tool is translated to the user’s preferred language. Companies first carry out self-evaluations to see if they will qualify before submitting the for a final audit. Then the system manages the requested review workflow that allows the coordinator of each country to assign an auditor to approve or reject the evaluation, being able to adjust the score and criteria written by the company.

At iXiam we’ve collaborated in different CFE projects for many years now. We are delighted to be one of its technological partners and promote a healthy lifestyle that benefits all.

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