SSA Streamlines Membership Process with Caldera Forms CiviCRM

Seismological Society of America

Working with Andrei Mondoc, developer of Caldera Forms CiviCRM (CFC), Tadpole helped SSA streamline their membership application process and improve the presentation of the application. The solution leverages Caldera’s conditional logic capabilities plus three new CFC processors: Membership, Line Item, and Order.

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SSA wanted to improve its membership application process. Because they have multiple Membership Types (each of which includes multiple subscription options), the native CiviCRM forms were cluttered with options and confusing to the user.  They also wanted to maintain a history of a contact’s membership records rather than letting CiviCRM update the membership record.


With multiple Membership Types and subscription options (which are used to control access to gated content on SSA’s website), using native CiviCRM profiles and membership forms proved cumbersome. During the previous year’s membership drive, no CFC processors yet existed that would allow for mapping Caldera Form fields to CiviCRM Price Sets.


SSA uses CiviCRM for all aspects of its operations: Contact Management, Events, Contributions, Mailings, etc., and was invested in improving the front-facing presentation and collection of CiviCRM data.


  • SSA’s new membership forms leverage Caldera Form’s conditional logic to present a streamlined and logical flow of options for the user.
  • CFC’ allows the form fields to be mapped to the proper CiviCRM tables using the new Membership, Line Items and Order processors.


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