Voice Foundation Finds a Sound Solution in CiviCRM

The Voice Foundation

One doesn’t need to be an actor, singer, or broadcaster to be a professional voice user – most everyone depends on their voices to earn a living. The Voice Foundation is committed to enhancing the gift of vocal communication through research and education. They needed a way to handle registration for their Annual Symposium and turned to Tadpole for a CiviCRM WordPress website that could be easily managed by a single administrator.

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Non Profit


The Voice Foundation’s website and CRM system are managed by a single administrator who is also responsible for putting together the organization’s Annual Symposium. In addition to using CiviEvent to manage registration and accept payment for the event, she needed to be able to collect proposals and abstracts for presentation at the Symposium.


Many of early challenges were resolved by integrating Caldera Forms to provide more robust workflows than are currently offered in CiviCRM. 


Tadpole recommended CiviCRM to The Voice Foundation and were pleased that they were ready and willing to take it on. As fairly early adopters to CiviCRM for WordPress, TVF has seen big improvements, and the introduction of Caldera Forms processors that perform a variety of CiviCRM-related functions have reduced many housekeeping tasks.

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