Self-Serve Member Dashboard and Resource Center

WaterISAC by BackOffice Thinking

Interactive Member Dashboard and Resource Center, geared towards retention and new member engagement.

WaterISAC is a non-profit organization who's purpose is to help members of the U.S. water and wastewater sectors strengthen their cyber security, recover from disasters, and improve preparedness. WaterISAC was in need for a more interactive website and self-serve membership dashboard with a searchable resource center. The goal of an improved user experience helps to achieve  increased retention rates and active member engagement.
WaterISAC was in need of a customizable 'self-service' membership dashboard that allows each member to see their profile information and more detailed information about their organization within a spacially conscious interface design. The use of   collapsible content sections provides a condensed and user-friendly experience.
In addition to the member dashboard, we helped develop and organize a filterable resource center. WaterISAC has a robust database of curated documents, presentations, and files that needed an organized resource center for retention, engagement, and awareness. While some of the information is sensitive to non-members, WaterISAC needed to provide a level of important information that the public may access.
With the intention to engage new members, sensitive titles are being obscured, and members-only content is only visible to a certain degree. We were able to use our extensive expertise and understanding of client expectations to make the resource center serve as a place to discover and search for information, as well as engage members and non-members.


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