Save Money with Mandrill Emails

Many organizations use MailChimp, SendGrid or SocketLabs email integrations to ensure their emails are delivered with whitelisting and lower load on their servers. Switching to Mandrill can dramatically reduce the cost of these services.

Mandrill is a service provided by MailChimp that uses the same email delivery infrastructure as their well-known service designed for delivery to newsletter subscriber lists. Mandrill's pricing is based entirely on number of emails sent, rather than a combination of subscribers and email volume. 

Subscribe to the CiviCRM StackExchange Newsletter is launched in beta and thriving as a place to ask and answer questions about CiviCRM. The benefit of the Q&A format is that good questions and good answers can get voted up, and better serve as an expert repository of our community's experience. Search rankings will soon be able to find good relevant answers to everyone's beginner and expert support and development questions.

Reset the Net, CiviCRM

Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.

Reset the Net is a campaign to improve individual and organizational privacy against mass government surveillance. I think we as CiviCRM community members should step up and act. In particular, hosting providers, implementors, and organizations using CiviCRM should up their game to implement SSL, HSTS, and PFS.

Let's give 4.3.alpha2 some love

I'm writing to ask you to download and test 4.3.alpha2 that came out earlier today (, especially anything to do with money. If you don't have the time and / or resources and / or skills to create your own test installation, please try a Drupal, Joomla! or Wordpress version on the sandbox at

Translations for Extensions

Extensions are a growing part of the CiviCRM way of doing things. We need to develop a process and toolset to facilitate getting them translated and making those translations easily installable. This post is intended to lay out some issues and a potential approach in order to generate discussion.

Here are some assumptions and suggestions I have:

Price Sets

Notice to non-developers: This post is about how some functionality in 4.2 will be implemented in code and in the database, with very minor changes to anything visible through a browser. If you're not a developer, it probably won't interest you.

Sorceforge Poll: What is the most important factor for success for an open source project?

Sorceforge recently conducted an unscientific twtpoll that yielded interested results. The top four factors in the success of an open source project were:

  1. Good quality code
  2. Developer documentation
  3. interactive community of end users
  4. End user documentation

I think CiviCRM is doing well and continuing to improve on all fronts. For more details, see