CiviDay NYC 2016 - The recap

CiviDay NYC was hosted by the National Urban League and Tadpole Collective. We came together for an afternoon of working and learning together, followed by presentations in the evening.

Everyone who attended appreciated the opportunity to be in a room with other community members to talk through issues and hear about the work that others are doing. We had a good mix of developers and administrative end-users that ensured everyone had someone to bounce their ideas off of.

Topics of discussion included:

How I meet client needs and simultaneously support CiviCRM improvements

I had fallen into technology almost by accident. As someone who enjoys delivering solutions I often find myself in conversations with people who are trying to build software infrastructures. It spawned a curiosity of technology puzzles. This brought me to Open Source software and I was soon building and configuring WordPress websites, and creating a workspace that allowed me to collaborate with the larger software communities. I have benefited from using open source software and I want to give back.