CiviCRM 5.51 Release

2022-07-07 06:00
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CiviCRM version 5.51.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release. Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

Users of the CiviCRM Extended Security Releases (ESR) are encouraged to upgrade, since CiviCRM 5.51 is now the ESR.

We are committed to keeping CiviCRM free and open, forever. We depend on your support to help make that happen. We thank all our partners, members and ESR subscribers, who are regular financial contributors. If you can, please donate.

What's new in CiviCRM 5.51

This version changes the database schema, has changes to the API, as well as the usual bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

  • Contact Import: many incremental improvements, such as: validate related contacts in the same way as the main contact (23455), improve tracking (23692), Use UI Queue runner (23669 and 23712), fix error when on adding contacts to a group using contact ID only (dev/core#3160: 23756), Fixes mishandled option values in import custom data code (23736), and many more fixes. h/t Eileen - theses are huge improvements to the usability and performance of imports.
  • Dashboard: Sort available dashlets alphabetically, add search box (23438), Show full title when hovering an inactive dashlet (23433), Efficiency tweak (23439)
  • SearchKit: RelationshipCache - relax 'get' permissions (23684), Search kit grand totals (23454), Default to simple pager when creating new table display (23436), add address proximity (map radius) search (23597), Allow SearchSegments to be packaged as .mgd.php (23578), Make loading placeholders configurable (23702), allow functions in the GROUP BY clause (dev/core#2485: 23434), Default to search for individuals instead of all contacts (23385), Make SearchKit available to non-admin users (dev/core#3457: 23670) h/t Coleman
  • FormBuilder (afform): Add Authx settings to navigation (23631), support relationships (23296), Add undo/redo buttons to the Admin UI (23648), Add 'administer afform' permission (23687), new hook-event which allows extensions to dynamically add Afforms (23488), Afform - allow ids to be passed directly into the directive (23656), Trigger 'crmFormSuccess' event after submission (23735)
  • Api4: Filter custom fields based on supplied values (23489), Export options along with custom field (23452), add PriceSet entity support (23694)
  • Contributions: Makes it so Contribution.repeattransaction uses the template contribution (Work Towards dev/financial#6: 22487)
  • Events: Fix missing contactID when registering for paid event from waitlist (23358)
  • Mailings: Prefer frontend_title for mailing groups in {} (dev/core#3463: 23570), Greeting tokens are not replaced in bulk sms (dev/core#3177: 23516)
  • Memberships: Merging organisation contacts and de-selecting the merge Membership checkbox causes all related memberships to not be removed and the Primary Membership is linked to the deleted organisation (22682) - that sounds like a PhD dissertation, but it seems relevant. h/t Justin for fixing obscure bugs.
  • Drupal9: Use correct user variable in hook_user_insert (74), KCFinder on D9: You don't have permissions to browse server. (dev/drupal#179: 342), Drupal8/9 Sync email from the contact record (dev/core#3467: 23546)
  • Joomla4: still work in progress: fix fatal error on submitting Profile with CMS username/password (23549), fix warnings when CiviCRM is uninstalled (Work towards dev/joomla#16: 65). h/t Monish
  • Extensions: CiviCRM has not bootstrapped sufficiently to fire event "hook_civicrm_entityTypes". (dev/core#3496: 23718) and (23785) h/t Tim
  • Obscure code cleanup: Painstaking unravelling of function (23483) - just a random example of many many changes to make CiviCRM code easier to read and maintain. h/t Eileen

Big thanks to Andie Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes. Planning a big upgrade? Check out the version-specific upgrade tasks.

This release was developed by the following code authors:

AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Andie Hunt; Agileware - Justin Freeman; Benjamin W; Christian Wach; Circle Interactive - Pradeep Nayak; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; CiviDesk - Yashodha Chaku; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Dave D; Davis Media Access - Darrick Servis; Deepak Srivastava; ES-Progress - Sandor Semsey; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; Fuzion - Luke Stewart; iXiam - César Ramos; JMA Consulting - Monish Deb, Seamus Lee; Klangsoft - David Reedy Jr; Lighthouse Consulting and Design - Brian Shaughnessy; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Brienne Kordis, Jon Goldberg; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; Nicol Wistreich; Progressive Technology Project - Jamie McClelland; Robert J. Lang; Squiffle Consulting - Aidan Saunders; Third Sector Design - Kurund Jalmi; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen

Most authors also reviewed code for this release; in addition, the following reviewers contributed their comments:

Agileware - Justin Freeman; ALL IN APPLI; Andy Clark; Artful Robot - Rich Lott; Australian Greens - Andrew Cormick-Dockery; Betty Dolfing; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; CiviCoop - Jaap Jansma; Coop SymbioTIC - Samuel Vanhove; DevApp - Adam Kwiatkowski; Francesc Bassas i Bullich; Fuzion - Peter Davis; Greenleaf Advancement - Guy Iaccarino; Humanists UK - Andrew West; jaomalley; Jens Schuppe; Semper IT - Karin Gerritsen; Tadpole Collective - Kevin Cristiano.

What's next?

For more, subscribe to Eileen's dev-digest.

New Extensions

  • Event RSVP Reminders - Adds functionality to capture Event Invitations responses. By Miguel Almeida - IUCN
  • Case Summary - Provides a summary of Cases by Case Type and Status similar to that of the Cases Dashboard but using Search Kit. By Aidan Saunders - Squiffle Consulting Ltd
  • Undelete - Restore CiviCRM data using the detailed log tables. By Mathieu Lu - Coop Symbiotic
  • Belgische OGM - Belgium OGMs for CiviBanking. By Erik Hommel - CiviCoop
  • Certifications - Provides a way to record and monitor certifications that need periodic re-validation. By Aidan Saunders - Squiffle Consulting Ltd
  • ckeditor5-extras - This extension extends ckeditor5, adding custom bundles with specific editor plugins and custom configurations. By Luciano Spiegel - iXiam
  • Form Builder Events - Adds support for events in Form Builder. By Jon Goldberg - Megaphone Technology Consulting
  • Higher Logic Sync - Provides an integration with the online community management software by Higher Logic. By Mathieu Lu - Coop Symbiotic
  • HubSpot Sync - Synchronises CiviCRM contacts to HubSpot. By Mathieu Lu - Coop Symbiotic
  • Mailgunny - Provides bounce processing for users of Mailgun's SMTP service. By Rich Lott - ArtfulRobot
  • Json Editor - Packages the JS library to be used as part of any dynamic-generated form in any other extension. By Luciano Spiegel - iXiam
  • Patchwork - Developer's tool to automatically patch core CiviCRM files. By Rich Lott - ArtfulRobot
  • Activity Tabs - Provides a way to see a selection of activities more easily. By Rich Lott - ArtfulRobot
  • Resend Mailing - Allows admins to select a pre-existing mailing and send it to contacts from search results. By Rich Lott - ArtfulRobot

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