Special thanks to our CiviCRM members. You rock!

The organizations listed here are not only users of CiviCRM, they are active participants and investors in the project's overall sustainability. Their financial contribution as members provides unrestricted support for the Core Team and ensures that everyone can continue to count on CiviCRM's stability and continuous improvements. If your organization isn't on this list, we encourage you to become a member and make the same commitment that the members below have made to you.

Aiden Abram

Mike Watson

Patrick Lesslie

Bonnie Lindberg

Lynda Davis

Matthias Weston

Stan Dragnev

Peter Shaw

Valerie Sergnese

Edward Wilkinson

Cameron Donaldson

James Creen

Geoff Holt

Neville Spencer Foundation

Tammé Shinshuri

Steven Norton

Sejal Choksi-Chugh

Adrian Allen

Robert Myers

Scarlett Wilde

Logan Bear

Maria Vogel

Jody Smith

Association of Reflexologists

Carmen Neely

Bertha Rodrigues

Meron Menwyelet