Special thanks to our CiviCRM members. You rock!

The organizations listed here are not only users of CiviCRM, they are active participants and investors in the project's overall sustainability. Their financial contribution as members provides unrestricted support for the Core Team and ensures that everyone can continue to count on CiviCRM's stability and continuous improvements. If your organization isn't on this list, we encourage you to become a member and make the same commitment that the members below have made to you.

Kevin Gay

Neville Spencer

Vincent Warren

Robert Myers

Manuel Kern

Patrick Lesslie

Lisa Katz

Shirley Denton

Logan Bear

Micah Lee

Carmen Neely

Carl Timms

David Rosenthal

Loi Heldt

David Farrow

Steven Norton


Meron Menwyelet

Abi Lunn

Sarah Oh

Katrin Verclas

Clare Talbot

Fiona Baker

Martin Stevens

Daniel Strum

Magdalena Kazmierczak

Carl Miller