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luty 20, 2024
By jaapjansmaFiled under

At the 7th of February we had a video call about the wordpress caldera plugin. Which is now maintained by the CiviCRM community.

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luty 16, 2024
By dev-team Filed under Release announcements

CiviCRM version 5.70.0 is now ready to download. This is a regular monthly release. Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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luty 8, 2024
By genadellettFiled under

Whether you're an experienced developer or site builder OR are just learning the ropes, come to the free Developer Intro to CiviCRM Entity training Tuesday, February 13th 10am PST / 12pm EST / 6pm GMT

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luty 1, 2024
By civideskFiled under

Don't miss the first 2024 North American CiviCRM conference on February 28!

CiviCamp Montreal is around the corner, just four weeks away!

Presentations Preview

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Styczeń 19, 2024
By jaapjansmaFiled under

During the UK sprint last December a couple of people (mainly Kevin andKlaas) have worked on the Wordpress Caldera Plugin. Since May 2022 theCiviCRM Community took over the maintenance of the caldera forms plugin(not to be confused with the Caldera CiviCRM Plugin). The caldera formsplugin is a tool to create forms in Wordpress and the are a couple ofplugins which integrates Caldera with CiviCRM.

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Styczeń 14, 2024
By mpethFiled under

At SYSTOPIA, we have developed a large set of CiviCRM extensions, Drupal modules and other tools over the years. Currently, we are actively maintaining or co-maintaining over 60 repositories. Unfortunately, sharing knowledge about all the goodness with the community has notoriously fallen short. With this series of blog posts, we want to change that a little. Thanks for reading on!

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Styczeń 9, 2024
By cividesk Filed under CiviCamp, Community
CiviCamp Montreal takes place from February 26 to March 3. There is a lot happening - whether you are new to CiviCRM or you are a seasoned expert, there will be something for you.
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