We run various sandboxes for the purposes of testing and development.  Sandboxes track our master branch and recent stable branches.

The following sandboxes are currently available and rebuilt once a day using Jenkins and CiviCRM build kit.

Drupal sites Joomla sites* Wordpress sites
Master on Drupal Master on Joomla Master on Wordpress

* The build process is not automated for Joomla and hence Joomla sites are not rebuilt daily with Jenkins.

To keep everyone safe, these sandboxes have some limitations:

  • you can't send emails from them
  • you can't set permissions for Drupal users
  • you can't fully explore online payment options

Other people are likely exploring sandboxes at the same time as you, so you may experience strange configurations and unexpected changes, including different languages and mising functionality.  If you notice something strange on a sandbox, please contact the infrastructure team via the forums or IRC.