13 March, 2019
By Eileen
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CiviCRM core now offers a Continuous Integration service to partner & member organisations on their extensions. The service will run the unit tests associated with an extension whenever a PR is submitted to that extension. This is similar to the process that runs on core and is driven by jenkins and runs on the same test infrastructure. There are free services that do this (e.g Travis) on github in general but they don’t provide the CiviCRM setup and database environment that is needed to run tests on CiviCRM.



Basically because I wanted it & I paid the core team to do the technical work to make this an offering :-). This is something I’ve pushed for and I chose to fund it personally with financial help from Joe Murray from JMA Consulting to make it happen.


Erm still why?

I was finding that I was spending a lot of my own time dealing with...

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16 January, 2019
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CiviCRM does not natively log whenever an export of contacts occurs. This can be problematic for organisations with compliance and auditing obligations. In response to this The Australian Greens have developed an Extension which creates a log file for each CiviCRM domain in the ConfigAndLog directory and logs every time a CiviCRM user performs an export from within CiviCRM. The current log format is as follows:
"User 123456 Just did an export of type Contacts with the following Header Rows: ... 
involving the following IDs ..."
The header row information and list of IDs are represented in JSON format. The extension tracks the export of a range of data types, including Contacts, Memberships, Contributions, Grants, Events, Pledges, Cases and Activities
The extension uses CiviCRM's Debugger logger...
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06 January, 2019
By KarinG
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2018 was a big year for Webform CiviCRM module. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the new features that were added in 2018 (with some examples/screenshots) and take a look at what's to come in 2019!

Webform CiviCRM Integration - what is this?

Webform CiviCRM is a Drupal module that in a nutshell exposes CiviCRM APIs (with which you can create CiviCRM contacts, contributions, memberships, participant registrations, activities - just about any CiviCRM Entity programmatically) to the powerful Drupal Webform module - a very popular (over 450,000 Drupal sites are using it) and highly configurable drag and drop form builder. Webform CiviCRM itself is a popular module - over 3,000 CiviCRM projects are using it. That's more users/sites than the Mosaico Extension has! Webform CiviCRM was invented by Coleman Watts (of the CiviCRM Core Team) and is supported by the CiviCRM community:  ...

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03 January, 2019

CiviMobile Store

CiviMobile Store

We are glad to announce that CiviMobile – a mobile app for CiviCRM – is available for one more language, Italian. The new localization has been completed on demand of CiviMobile users from Italy who were actively reaching out asking for such an update. Now, users from Italy can both read the description of the application on AppStore and Google Play Market and use the application in...

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13 December, 2018
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CiviCalendar Dashlet

CiviCalendar is one of the first extensions Agiliway has developed for CiviCRM. The last version of the CiviCalendar extension has already had a lot of beneficial features facilitating work in the system. In particular,

  • CiviCalendar dashlet could be installed on the Home dashboard so that users could have immediate access to their planned events, cases and activities;
  • Users could choose to view all the plans for a day, a week, or a month. In addition, they could choose between viewing them on a calendar chart or in a list;
  • The option of hiding past...
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06 December, 2018
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It's a nice day to... LEEEEExIIIIIIIM!

Billy Idol gets it, now you can too. The CiviCRM menubar is getting a major revamp, LExIM style* - the new menubar extension is now ready for beta testing, and once that's complete, it will be ported into the next release of CiviCRM. But why wait, you can get all the new goodies right now by installing the beta extension (requires CiviCRM v5.8+). It gives you a lot more than keyboard control, in fact it's a complete overhaul of the CiviCRM menubar with all the modern features users expect:

New Features:

  • Configurable menubar positions.
  • Quickly switch positioning beneath the CMS menu or replacing it.
  • Lighter color scheme.
  • Keyboard accessiblity.
  • Mobile first design.
  • ...
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04 December, 2018
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I have just published the CiviCRM native extension Contact Specific API Defaults which allows you to specify specific defaults for API fields for a contact.

The extension was funded by Mediwe and developed by CiviCooP based on this use case:

  • Mediwe has lots of customers sending them data with the API. This data eventually results in cases and activities being created with lots of custom data. For some customers these custom fields need specific defaults, no matter what the API data is! So even if the API sends CiviCRM the value goat the actual custom field should always have the value donkey and the goat should simply be overwritten. But only for specific customers! The reason they do this is that sometimes the staff entering data at the customer do unexpected stuff and make mistakes. They want to make sure these mistakes do not hinder the...
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25 October, 2018

If you've heard of stripe you'll know it's a great platform for accepting credit card payments.  If you haven't heard of it and are reading this then you should try it out: https://stripe.com

If you already use Stripe please read to the end and upgrade to 5.0 as soon as possible.

Stripe logoFrom the Stripe website: "Stripe is the best way to accept payments online. Stripe aims to expand internet commerce by making it easy to process transactions and manage an online business."



There are three reasons I recommend it to my clients:

  1. You don't need to know about PCI compliance - credit card details NEVER get sent to your CiviCRM server (they are submitted via Javascript directly to Stripe instead).
  2. Sign-up is REALLY easy and...
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25 October, 2018

CiviMobile - a native mobile app for CiviCRM

As we have notified earlier, Agiliway has released a native CiviMobile application to address the users’ need to use CiviCRM system on the go. The mobile application for CiviCRM built on React Native technology provides secure connection to CiviCRM platform and enhances user experience with the system due to unique smartphones’ features, such as being readily available, working offline, allowing to dial contacts in one click or...

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24 October, 2018
By jamie
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Powerbase (the Progressive Technology Project's hosted CiviCRM program) provides a Drupal site for your CiviCRM database, but, even though it's in Drupal, you can't use it for your web site. Your web site must be hosted elsewhere. This approach is becoming increasingly popular as organizations move from Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla to new web site platforms, or simply don't want their web site vulnerabilities to lead to a compromise of their database. Keeping your web site and database at arms length gives you both this flexibility and security.

However, there's a problem: How do you give users a nice seamless transition from your web site to a CiviCRM contribution form?

Up to now, you have to create a theme on the CiviCRM site that mimics the theme of your web site. Sadly, this is labor intensive, imperfect, and always at risk of becoming dated.

To address this problem, we are...

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