17 July, 2019

Hosting events is a complex process, which requires a structured approach to sticking to the schedule and managing participants. Now it is getting easier to organize the entire workflow from registration to check-in with the new version of CiviMobile app. Whether it is the indoor or outdoor event, the mobile app will help you perform better and optimize working processes including participants registration and management, ticketing, and participants check-in at the event venue. With a new release of CiviMobile, you are able to control all the event details on your mobile device anywhere and anytime, which contributes to the consistent event planning and hosting.

What Is New

In the new...

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11 July, 2019
By Eileen
Filed under Extensions

PayPal now has a new, more modern interface for CiviCRM. Thanks to sponsorship from PayPal, CiviCRM offers "PayPal Checkout" (also referred to as "PayPal Smart Buttons" or "PayPal Smart Checkout").


The PayPal Checkout interface offers mobile-friendly payment buttons that vary according to available payment methods. Using PayPal Checkout means you can accept credit card details on your own site (in a modal window) without ever having them entered directly into the form on your site - which simplifies PCI compliance considerations. In addition, PayPal Checkout allows US users to pay using Venmo. Read more about PayPal Checkout.


The available payment buttons depend on the user's device. For example, Kevin in the US has a smartphone with Venmo installed and enabled -- in his screen, notice the addition of a "Venmo" button:


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11 July, 2019
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Three new extensions were approved this week for in-app installation, thanks to the generosity of extension developers and the hard work of volunteer reviewers.

The CiviCRM Extensions Directory is already filled with over 300 available extensions, many of which have passed the community review process and are thus available for in-app installation.

Take a look at the goodies that await you:

The the 

The new extension "The the" aims to solve sorting problems stemming from inconsistent inclusion of the article "the" in an organization's name. 

Is it "Association of Widget Producers" or "The Association of Widget Producers"? I can't recall. One will sort under "A"; the other will sort under "T".  More interestingly, "The Association of Widget...

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07 May, 2019

With generous support from the community funding our first Form Builder Make-it-happen campaign, Tim Otten & Coleman Watts have begun regular code sprints for phase 1 of the Form Builder project. The extension is evolving rapidly, but I wanted to take a break from development for a few minutes to update you on what we've accomplished so far and where we go from here.


We now have a data model that can support the complex needs of CRM forms - multiple contacts, relationships, and repeatable entities (e.g. enter 1 or more children for a family, and 1 or more email address & phone number for the parents). We've developed the concept of "field blocks" which are configurable groups of fields that all function together (e.g. a Name block which handles first, middle, last name, prefix, suffix and title). And we have a prototype framework to render...

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06 May, 2019

This extension integrates the Bitpay payment processor with CiviCRM and allows you to accept payments that can be paid in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


MJW Consulting were approached by the Calyx Institute to develop a replacement for the old bitcoin extension that was no longer supported.


Download the extension from the extension directory here: https://civicrm.org/extensions/bitpay

Setup is straightforward, you have to setup an account at https://bitpay.com, "pair" your system with their API and add the payment processor to one or more contribution pages.  On the contribution page you select items to pay for in the normal way, then on the "Thankyou" page a bitpay invoice is displayed:

For detailed setup instructions please see ...

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26 April, 2019

Have you ever wished you could configure the actions you can perform after a search in CiviCRM?

It is now possible to do this with the Search Action Designer extension.

An example use case

Your organisation works with activities and one activity is send a renewal reminder by postal mail 6 weeks before the end of the membership. The activity is scheduled with CiviRules when a new membership is created.

Now you want to do the following:

  1. Search on activity send renewal reminder by postal mail and status scheduled. Possible with the Find Activities
  2. You want to generate a letter for each activity Not possible in CiviCRM at the moment
  3. And you want to set the status of the activity to completed. Possible...
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22 April, 2019
By jamie
Filed under Drupal, Extensions

Long, long ago, before we had indoor plumbing, penicillin or `civix generate:module`, a humble drupal module was born.

It tried its best to be helpful by employing an (at the time) cutting edge technique known as CRM_Utils_Migrate_Import to dump a motley collection of custom fields, profiles and options into your CiviCRM database.

Along with other cutting edge techniques (such as lobotomies), the process of automatically adding custom fields, profiles and options has been improved and now can be done with managed entities and our lovely api.

The Progressive Technology Project helped bring about civicrm_engage, and has now prepared a series of much more sane alternatives that provide the same functionality, but are implemented using CiviCRM-native extensions that employ the CiviCRM API.

The replacement extensions are described below.

In addition civicrm_engage provided a few demographic fields and...

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22 April, 2019

Agiliway continues actively working on CiviMobile - a mobile app that allows leveraging all the benefits of CiviCRM anywhere and anytime. The major change introduced in the second release was the ability to update CiviCRM data via mobile app. Current third release of CiviMobile has a set of new important changes complementing the mobile application with additional value.

What Is New

The new features that users are about to discover in the latest version of CiviMobile are:


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15 April, 2019
Filed under Extensions

I have just published a new extension Former Communication Data.

The extension simply saves emailaddresses, phone numbers and address details in a separate tab on the contact summary when they are deleted as you can see in the attached screen print.

The use case is that some customers receive updates to address details from many sources, sometimes with quite a delay. That means that potentially they could apply an update that is actually already not valid anymore, re-setting an old email address. So far they have used different location types to allow the users processing the updates to check but that really messes up the contact summary. Hence this extension.

The extension can be found here: https://civicrm.org/extensions/former-communication-data

11 April, 2019

How can we find a user-friendly way of creating templates for serial letters and other mass communication? Is it possible to integrate CiviCRM with open-source online applications to facilitate the creation of office templates for our users?

This has been bothering us for some time, because many of our users find it hard to set up and work with templates in HTML format. So we started a proof of concept to check possible options… and we found an answer!

After the server version of libreoffice unfortunately turned out to be unsuitable, we found a feasible solution using the open-source office suite ONLYOFFICE, and created an extension to plug it into CiviCRM.

In a first draft version of the extension “onlyoffice”, you will be able to ….

  • Install ONLYOFFICE on a CiviCRM server and use its comprehensive functionality for document management.
  • Display files created with ONLYOFFICE in CiviCRM
  • ...
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