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Maggio 20, 2022
By Andreas Filed under Community, Interface and design

Something that many of us love and appreciate about CiviCRM is that diversity and inclusion has a very high value for us as a community. That's why from time to time we deliberate how the language in and around CiviCRM can be made more inclusive and gender-sensitive. And sometimes there are very practical results, too – such as the gender self-identify extension, for example.

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Maggio 19, 2022
By kbeireis Filed under Tips

We get questions about importing contributions fairly often, so we thought we’d walk you through the steps we typically follow to ensure that the contributions are a) imported correctly and b) attached to the correct contacts. Does it take a bit longer? Perhaps – but we believe accuracy is well worth the few extra steps.

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Maggio 18, 2022
By Fabian_SYSTOPIA Filed under Community, Sprints

Coleman met us online at 2:00 pm cet (tha

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Maggio 17, 2022
By Fabian_SYSTOPIA Filed under Community, Sprints

Yesterday the first CiviCAMP in Berlin finally came true after two Covid-related postponements. In spite of the camp's announcement being somewhat on short notice, some 75 peope showed up. We enjoyed 15 great sessions, met old and new friends and were all every excited to finally meet face to face again.

Among the extensions that rose most interest were

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Maggio 12, 2022
By jaapjansma Filed under WordPress

Since April the 5th the wordpress plugin Caldera Forms is end-of-life. Meaning that the maintainer behind this plugin won't provide any official updates anymore.

Last year we had two video calls in which, we talked about possible alternatives. Since then developments have gone further so I think it is time to have another video conference where we can inform each other on what has been done in the past months, and which developments lay ahead.

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Maggio 5, 2022
By dev-team Filed under Release

CiviCRM version 5.49.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release. Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

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Maggio 2, 2022
By totten Filed under Tools, API, Architecture, Extensions

civix is a development tool. It generates code for extensions, providing a baseline for developers and hackers who want to improve and add onto CiviCRM.

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Aprile 28, 2022
By jaapjansma Filed under Community, Sprints

This week we had a Form Builder and Search Kit sprint in Otterlo, The Netherlands. The aim of this sprint was about sharing knowledge and ideas around search kit and form builder.

Sharing, Sharing and Sharing...

We started with sharing use cases from clients from CiviCooP and Christophe shared how CiviCRM is used at Mediwe. Coleman from the Core Team shared the story behind Search Kit and Form Builder.

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Aprile 26, 2022
By ErikHommel Filed under Community

This week we are working together in real life! Although we are mainly exploring Search Kit and Form Builder we are obviously also discussing CiviCRM, the community and life in general. And we in this context is Coleman from the Core Team, Christophe from Mediwe (Flemish organization that uses CiviCRM), Andreas and Detlev from Civiservice and Klaas, Jaap, Alain, Erik, Betty and me from CiviCooP.

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