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15 December, 2006
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Just to set better context, here is our load testing scenario:

  • Implement the College Prep Application for 2007 on CiviCRM v1.6
  • Deploy the above application on the network as configured when it goes live.
  • Use a load testing program to simulate n students hitting the application simultaneously with random sleep/think times. If possible, simulate some form errors also. Data to be used from last year's application which has been randomized and munged with. The data is hierarchical and in a simple xml format.
  • Increase the number of students in a...
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14 December, 2006
By kurund
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Last weekend Rupam Jaiswal, our CiviCRM team developer from India got married. A few of us from the team had gone for the wedding. It was great to see the transition from a developer whose days revolved around putting together code, into a bride who was now busy getting things together for the big day. She looked resplendent in her traditional Indian outfit.

We traveled for 2 days to reach her place, the venue for the wedding. In spite of being a remote town in Uttar Pradesh (India), the place was surprisingly very well developed. The thermal power plant in the area had to do with...

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14 December, 2006
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One of our major goals for this year is to optimize CiviCRM to handle load in a graceful manner. This is extremely important for us with the Branner Project. One of our main goals for the project this year is to optimize CiviCRM to be able to handle the last weekend load nicely (similar to the slashdot effect, the application process has most of the applications being filed and completed the weekend it is due)

The application is a multi-step form, made up of approx 25-30 forms. We have data from last...

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11 December, 2006
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One of the most frequently asked questions on the CiviCRM dev list is for help with installing CiviCRM. Most of the questions are quite similar, although each of them seems to have their own specific twist. We do agree that installing CiviCRM is not for the faint-hearted and it takes a fair amount of skill to get it up and running the first time.

In the recent past, CivicSpace has started rolling out a fabulous new service called CivicSpace On Demand. This is basically pre-installed and pre-configured Drupal 4.7, CiviCRM 1.5 along with...

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06 December, 2006
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CiviMail, described in general previously, is our component for mass-mailing the CiviCRM contacts. In this entry, we’d like to get a bit more into the details on how CiviMail exactly works ‘under the hood’.

Recipients List Building

Getting the final list of recipients is not as easy as it may seem. If you look into the getRecipients() method of the ...

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04 December, 2006
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Don't worry, the body is not as dire as the subject indicates. Just wanted to give folks some background about how we operate and manage to do what we do, and what we need to do to continue delivering an awesome product (or so we think ...)

We currently are spread across India (9 developers), Poland (1.5 developers), US (dave) and NZ (lobo).

CiviCRM was initially sponsored by a generous grant from the OSI Information Program. This enabled us to start our Polish and India operations. OSI funds helped pay for our...

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02 December, 2006
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Now that 1.6 beta has been released - it's time to look ahead and prioritize the NEXT release (1.7).

There are a few "big features" we're targeting:

... and a number of smaller but significant feature candidates.

Check out the proposed release features here.

We strongly...

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29 November, 2006
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As some of you are aware our development team is fairly distributed. We have developers in Mumbai - India, Warsaw - Poland and San Francisco - US. Effective next week, we will have a presence in Nelson - New Zealand. I'm moving to NZ for 9 months and am looking forward to it. You could follow our adventures on my newly created personal blog. If there are any CiviCRM'ers / Drupal'ers in the Nelson area, would be great to form a co-working space, join forces and spread the open source paradigm with organizations in that area.


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29 November, 2006
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For folks downloading the latest code from the svn repository, we have branched the v1.6 code base. The main trunk is now be focussed on v1.7 development and is considered unstable. Please do an svn switch in your directory

$ svn switch

We will be more proactive about letting folks know about such events before they happen. We'll also be merging 0.4.1 of the dojo when its officially released (its currently in RC2)

27 November, 2006
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It was a pretty productive thanksgiving weekend :) Learnt way more about reporting, how complex an issue it is and the number of companies that are built on reporting (or to use a more trendy phrase, Business Intelligence). So here are some conclusions:

  • PHP does not have a decent open (or closed) source reporting tool.
  • Reporting is too complex an application and fairly well addressed by other open source projects. We should use one of those applications rather than doing it ourselves
  • All the reporting open source projects use Java / Tomcat. CiviCRM users...
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