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26 June, 2005
Filed under CiviCRM
Functional and contact-level access control is now implemented on the sandbox. User access overview describes the permissioning options. Logins and User Roles Some 'example roles' have been setup on this sandbox. You can use the logins below to try them out: Role: CiviCRM Admin Login: crmadmin demo Role: Team Lead Login: teamlead demo Role: Volunteer login: volunteer demo Current Sandbox Access Control This is a snapshot of the current access control setup for the sandbox. Notice that for each 'Group'... Read more
24 June, 2005
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CiviCRM has a lot of details under the covers that people might miss. One such feature is a simple Google Maps integration. From the contact list, select one or more contacts. From the drop down actions menu, select "Map Contacts using Google Maps" and click the go button.