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21 October, 2008
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We've begun our planning for CiviCRM trainings and meetups for 2009 - and we'd love to get feedback from folks in the community about interests and availability for these events ... We're considering three different types of events for the calendar:
  • Advanced User Training - We held several 2-day sessions this year - focused on the skills needed to configure, customize and use CiviCRM advanced features. These sessions were well received - so we're planning on doing several more in 2009. Fees for these sessions are based on operating expenses.
  • User...
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19 October, 2008
By kurund
Filed under v2.2, Architecture

Lately there has been lot of confusion using Name, Title/Label and Value. There is also a lot of inconsistency in code and database, hence we are planning to fix it in CiviCRM v2.x release.

Lets take an example of Participant Status, 'Registered'. In this case Name will be 'Registered', value will be an integer from 1..N (this depends on each install) and Label/title can be "Registered" or "I will come" etc. (or a localized version of the word/phrase).

Basic rules are:

  • Name: This is fixed value and cannot be changed by user. This is used internally in...
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17 October, 2008
By lobo
Filed under v2.1

The API was a big topic at CiviCamp. We had a good discussion on the mistakes we made in the past and things we can do better going forward. Due to a variety of reasons (internal and external), the API migration between 1.9 and 2.0 was a disaster. We resolved to not let this happen in the future. Here are a few things we agreed upon

  • We will maintain backward compatibility for an obsoleted function for at least one version in the future.
  • All interface changes will be part of the upgrade documentation along with a sample of how to convert from the old format to the new...
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15 October, 2008
By lobo
Filed under v2.1, CiviCRM, Drupal

We coded / migrated / bugfixed a few drupal modules as part of CiviCamp (blog reports here and here). We also decided to ship these modules with our 2.1 release. You can get the current version of these modules here. CiviCRM v2.1.2 will include the following drupal integration modules:

  • Views2 integration. We've exposed the...
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14 October, 2008
By shot
Filed under Training

Today was the second (and, unfortunately, last) day of the SF CiviCamp.

The day started with Rob Thorne’s presentation on using CiviCRM 1.x contacts as CCK fields and his work on CiviNode. Given that in the meantime all of CiviCRM, CCK and Views released version 2s, the outcome of the discussion was that it’s best to rewrite this code from scratch.

That led to a discussion about the stability, coverage and the general uses of CiviCRM APIs. The consensus was that the main users of the CiviCRM APIs are third-party developers, and it would be most useful if there was a way for...

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13 October, 2008
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CiviCamp day1 started with good number of participants with a total count of 14. We started with introduction and complaints about civicrm. Most of the complaints were about APIs, upgrades and support of previous versions. Discussions on APIs are scheduled for day2. Regarding upgrades it looked that older version (1.9 or below) generally have problems with upgrades since it requires some technical expertise. Walt was working towards developing a tool which could tell in advance if there are potential problems with the db which could make the upgrade fail. With this interesting... Read more
12 October, 2008
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  • Day 1

CiviCRM team members had the opportunity to attend the BADCamp Oct. (11/12) held in University of California, Berkley. We decided to sit through the lectures of our respective interests.

We had a pretty basic yet impressive session on jquery by Dmitri Gaskin. jQuery makes it significantly easier for developers to extend the functionality and usability of their applications. Amit Asaravala gave some useful examples of how to use jquery with the Nice Menu module, and gave tips for creating Smarter Interfaces using...

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06 October, 2008
Filed under v2.1, Joomla
I'm happy to announce that we've finally gotten our act together and configured a complete public demo for the Joomla! version of CiviCRM 2.1. Joomla! users and integrators will finally be able to try out CiviCRM for Joomla! without going through the process of setting up their own site. We think this will be a good step forward in strengthening the Joomla! part of the CiviCRM community. The... Read more
05 October, 2008
By xavier
Filed under CiviMail


On every new CiviCRM install, I've had the same question about the difference between CiviCRM (the mass mailing module) and the send mail feature (from and individual contact and a search result). The question is when to use one or the other.

I understand than historically, these two features comes from both end of the spectrum, CiviCRM was made to send newsletters and bulk emails, and the send email is a replacement of sending a mail from your mail client. However, you can have a mailing list of a handful of contacts, and you can send "individual" emails to several dozen...

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01 October, 2008
Filed under v2.1, CiviCRM, Drupal, Joomla
After more than 7 months of design, development and QA - the team is thrilled to announce the release of CiviCRM 2.1 Stable. You can download the release AND / OR try it out on our public demo site. 2.1 features a number of exciting new features, including...
  • Joomla! 1.5 and Drupal 6 compatibility (CiviCRM 2.1 is NOT compatible with Drupal 5.x or Joomla! 1.0.x)
  • Production-ready "standalone" version of CiviCRM (...
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