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23 April, 2007
By shot

CiviCRM is localised into several languages and used by non-English communities around the world. Before it could be localised, though, it had to be internationalised – i.e., it had to be modified to make the localisation possible. My first assignment when working on CiviCRM was to take the English-only application, internationalise it and localise it to Polish.

After a bit of thinking we decided to follow the gettext approach (and, actually, used gettext in the end), which means keeing the strings (words, sentences – texts in...

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20 April, 2007
By michal
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We are glad to announce that in reply to recent requests we are launching a new support and discussion tool for our great community of users - CiviCRM Forums:

We encourage everyone to use the Forums for all support questions and discussion (except for technical developer topics), starting immediately.

Our aim is to centralize all support on CiviCRM Forums and transfer most of the traffic from mailing lists and Joomla forums that we were using so far. We will continue to use the civicrm-dev mailing list...

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14 April, 2007
By lobo
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CiviCRM seems to be growing at a fairly nice pace with a good adoption rate in the community. In the run up to the presidential elections, quite a few of the democratic grassroots political campaigns have used Drupal / CiviCRM as their organizing and fund-raising platform.

Recently Amnesty International chose CiviCRM as their CRM platform for Project Impact (Drupal was chosen a few months ago for the CMS). This is great news for CiviCRM and we expect this project to play a big role in improving the usability and internationalization features of...

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10 April, 2007
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Judy Hallman sent in this write-up from the NTEN CiviCRM affinity group, which took place on April 4, in Washington, DC.
I think there were about 40 of us. Roughly half wanted to know more about what CiviCRM is and how it works. Other topics of interest included: customizable, householding, vs. DIA and Convio and others, events, profiles (how people are using), security, maintenance, cost (implement, customize, maintain), migrating data. David Geilhufe did a good job of leading the... Read more
09 April, 2007
Filed under Architecture, CiviCRM
Developers who are working on integrating CiviCRM with other modules and/or developing contributions for CiviCRM need to have a good understanding of the database structure.
  • What data is stored in what tables?
  • What type and size of data is valid for a given field?
  • How are the various tables connected to each other?
This information can also be helpful when tracking down and potential bug or installation problem. Entity... Read more
01 April, 2007
By lobo
Filed under Architecture, CiviCRM

We made a few major changes to the v1.7 search interface for a big improvement in performance. The first change was to ot use a wildcard for the prefix. Thus when a user searches on NAME, we only search for 'NAME%', in older version we would search for '%NAME%'. This allows mysql to use the index on sort_name and is significantly faster than a full table scan. The second change involved not searching the 'email' table when doing a search on 'name'. This allows us to avoid two very expensive 'LEFT JOIN' sql statement and speeds up search significantly.

You can get around the...

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29 March, 2007
Filed under v1.8
With version 1.7 "almost" out the door, the CiviCRM planning team spent most of this week's team meeting evaluating potential "big ticket" items for 1.8 and discussing future platform requirements for CiviCRM. The platform issues are:
  • When do we drop support for PHP 4.x?
  • When do we drop support for MySQL 4.1
There are compelling technical and management arguments for requiring PHP 5.x and MySQL 5. On the management side, we estimate that it costs the project approximately 4-6 person-weeks of extra time to code, test and debug the PHP 4 version. As the codebase... Read more
27 March, 2007
By lobo
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USPIRG has decided to work on CiviCRM as the Code for Change project this summer!. Should be a great value add to the CiviCRM community. Thanx to Wes Morgan and USPIRG for choosing CiviCRM. From their website:

Code for Change is an exciting new program which brings together computer science students and recent graduates in the summer to lead an open source software development project. The projects will vary from year to year, but they'll tend to focus on furthering the online organizing work of U.S. PIRG and, being open source, lots of other organizations as well.

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25 March, 2007
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I spent last Thursday and Friday at the Open Source CMS Conference (OSCMS 2007) - hosted by Yahoo! in Sunnyvale. It was a high-energy gathering of smart folks who are passionate about software and open source - with an especially large concentration of Drupal developers and integrators.

CiviCRM Session

Gregory Heller from CivicActions joined me in presenting a session on CiviCRM on Friday morning. Despite the fact that we were scheduled opposite Dries Butaert (Drupal founder) - we had a good showing. I gave folks an overview... Read more
24 March, 2007
By lobo
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We are excited to announce that our 1.7 Beta release is now available for download. This release features the new CiviEvent component, which provides integrated event registration and management, along with a new "Contact Dashboard" which gives constituents a consolidated view of their subscriptions, contributions,event registrations and more.

Other release highlights include:

  • Create and save re-usable email templates (with mail-merge tokens)
  • CiviContribute plugins for and Google Checkout
  • Use customized versions of templates for any screen
  • One-click...
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